Research and development
of an intelligent system for automatic and optimised cutting of frozen fish.


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Participation in Fairs

7-9 May 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Siroco, will be present in Brussels at the Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global being one of the largest fairs in the world dedicated to fish and seafood. This fair provides contact with more than 1900 exhibitors from 78 countries, and in 2018 it had more than 29,100 professional visitors.


Automated Vision System
for Cutting Fixed-Weight or Fixed-Length Frozen Fish Portions

Dibet Garcia Gonzalez (CCG), Nelson Alves (CCG), Ricardo Figueiredo (Gelpeixe), Pedro Maia (Siroco), Miguel Angel Guevara Lopez (CCG)

Keywords: Computer vision, 3D reconstruction, automation, frozen fish automatic cut, optimization, automated optical inspection.

The increase in fish demand poses a challenge to the food industry that needs upgrades both for: (1) offering new and diverse products and (2) optimizing it’s processing line throughput and at the same time guaranteeing the fishes’ quality and appearance. This work presents an innovative computer vision system, to be integrated into an automatic frozen fish cutting production line. The proposed system is able to perform the 3D reconstruction in real time of every frozen fish, and allows to: (1) identify and automatically separate head bone, body and tail parts of the fishes; and (2) estimate with high accuracy where cut the fishes’ body to produce the wanted slices, according to requirements (parameters) of weight or width previously defined. The experimental and statistical results are very promising and show the viability of the developed system. As main contribution (novelty) this new method is able to estimate automatically and with high precision the weight of the part corresponding to the body of the fishes and thus optimizing the cut of the fish slices. With this, we expect to achieve a significant reduction of fish losses.

End of project in May 2019


Project Title | MaxCut4Fish – Research and development of an intelligent system for automatic and optimised cutting of frozen fish
Project code | POCI-01-0247-FEDER-017664
Main Objective | To reinforce research, technological development and innovation
Intervention Region | NORTH, CENTRE AND LISBON
Beneficiary Entities | SIROCO – Sociedade Industrial de Robótica e Controlo, S.A.(Promoter Leader); GELPEIXE – Alimentos Congelados, S.A (Co-Promoter); Associação C.C.G. / ZGDV – Centro de Computação Gráfica (Co-Promoter).

Approval date | 23-09-2016
Start Date | 01-12-2016
Conclusion Date | 30-11-2018
Total eligible cost | 820,247.09 EUR
Financial support from the European Union ERDF | 536,840.59 EUR

The MaxCut4Fish project aims to investigate and develop an intelligent and modular system for the automatic cutting of frozen fish that, by exploring and combining the potential of computer vision and sensorial automation, will allow the definition of optimal cuts for each fish according to its morphological, volumetric and weight characteristics, allowing the maximization of the fish exploitation, the minimization of production waste, an increase in quality and uniformity of the final cuts, among other aspects. The MaxCut4Fish system will, therefore, meet the needs of fish processing companies (which, due to the increase in fish consumption and the decrease in natural resources, are forced to maximise the use of their raw materials) and, at the same time, exploit – on the part of companies that develop and produce industrial equipment – this enormous market opportunity that will allow them to diversify their offer/markets.

To achieve the expected results, the work team, led by Siroco, brings together elements of high curriculum in research and innovation in complementary areas such as production and industrial equipment and “internet of things” (Siroco), computer vision and three-dimensional modelling (CCG) and frozen fish processing (Gelpeixe).