Next Generation Mask Machine

Research and development
of fully automatic equipment for the production of surgical masks.


Since 1988 the company has been dedicated to the construction of machines integrating specific automation solutions for assembly lines with high efficiency and effectiveness. The area of intervention is wide and diverse from the automotive, electrical and electronics industry, but also providing tailor-made solutions for the biomedical, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, household appliances and other consumer goods industries.

Having already 30 years of experience in concept, design, development and the execution of automation solution, the team delivers the best from its experience. Familiar in the areas of assembly systems, measuring, testing and selection devices, as well as handling and robotic systems, the company is able to contribute with its customer for a solution that is adequate but above all adjusted to the customer’s needs. Tailor-made solutions based on highly creative innovation, make it possible to add value and leverage the processes where they intervene to high performance levels in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Siroco believes that the world should know that it can find innovation in our products and services, aligned with the most demanding and avant-garde requirements of the industrial contexts to which they are intended.

End of project in May 2021

Support given

Project Title | R&DT PROJECTS: COVID-19 (R&D Companies and Testing and Optimization Infrastructures)
Project Code | POCI-01-02B7-FEDER-068905
Intervention Region | CENTRE
Beneficiary Entities | SIROCO – Sociedade Industrial de Robótica e Controlo, S.A..

Approval date | 27-09-2021
Start Date | 13-10-2020
Conclusion Date | 14-05-2021
Total eligible cost | 325.054,58 EUR
Financial support from the European Union ERDF | FEDER – 260.043,66 EUR

The NG_PM project aims at the R&D and pre-industrialization of industrial equipment for the manufacture of surgical protective masks that ensure a production rate and quality control superior to that of its competitors and allow to reduce national dependence on imports of these goods.

The NG_PM project aims at the research, development and pre-industrialization of an industrial equipment, fully automated and modular, for the production of surgical masks for individual protection, in accordance with standard EN 14683:2019, harmonized within the scope of the Medical Devices Directive , intended for clinical use masks, classifying them into different types (I, II and IIR), which complies with the safety, hygiene and quality requirements established by the EU. This is innovative and technologically evolved equipment compared to competing solutions currently available on the market that will not only respond to the internal demand for this type of personal protection equipment associated with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak (suppressing internal and minimizing domestic imports of this type of goods), how to boost national economic growth through increased exports.